October 14, 2006

Clipped Wings

Posted in Malaysia, Music, The Cause at 12:19 am by egalitaria

If you have a pair of clipped wings, do you still have the freedom to fly?

In a song I wrote some time ago, I said

“Clipped wings are not wings at all,

Try to fly babe and you will fall,

Who cut your feathers when you were asleep, what made you think them real?

They say the sky won’t be conquered by the weak and the frail…”

Is it worth compromising integrity for a watered down version of the truth? To get SOME sort of truth out rather than no truths at all? Is it worth working hard at something you believe is right to get a half-result, instead of no result if you decide to stand up?

What is the meaning of freedom? (again, I beg the question) Is bounded freedom truly freedom, or should we just call it something else instead of trying to give it a false label? Can you truly fly if your wings are just for show?

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