October 17, 2006

Native People

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I had an interesting conversation with someone who recently migrated to New Zealand. (no, not another disillusioned Malaysian, but this time a Singaporean)

New Zealanders have apparently become rather Maori-fied. Its natives get the better deal, and as a result the whites consider it an honour being a Maori. One in Three White Kiwis claim they have native blood. This is because tremendous amounts of benefits have been given to the natives of the land, since they took a lot of it away many years ago. As a result, they now bend their backs over to give what they took (rightly or wrongly) away.

They do this because they recognise that the natives were really the original people of New Zealand. They do not need fishing licenses, and get privileges all around.

Their language is used in opening ceremonies and official meetings. Their national anthem is proudly sung in the original native Maori language, even if there are no Maoris present. The whites truly pay respect to the original heritage and culture. And this is something different, not seen anywhere else in the world.

Imagine Malaysia, giving its original people its rightful place: privileges, singing Negaraku in their native language, focusing on their development.

No, the Orang Asli community has lost out on all of these…



  1. Hwok Lok said,

    The problem is, the Orang Asli are not seen as THE “natives”. They are more like a sub-group of the larger “native” group, which has relatives all over the Indo-Malayan region.

    Who is native anyway? How far back in time do you need/want to go? 10,000 years?

  2. egalitaria said,

    hello hwok lok. that was the precise point i was trying to get at. the orang asli are not seen as the natives, yet they were here long, long before the rest of malaysians came along. there’s no denying the orang asli (which consists of temuan and other tribes) were the first people group here who are still in existence today. i blogged about it sometime ago.. 🙂

    thanks for dropping by.

  3. kerepoklekor said,

    The natives of NZ is Maori, which is a sub-group of the larger Pasika community (Samoan, Tongan, Cook Islanders, etc.). Could it be that the Riau-Malays (not Javan, Minangkabaus, nor Siam-Malays) be the natives of the Maritime community in the Peninsular?

    Of course there are Agrarian communities (as you mentioned, Temiar etc.) too.

    If the European Kiwis give due respect to the natives, shouldn’t we affirm and share in the native culture as well?

    Probably the Church should adopt inter-ethnic reconciliation as a local mission?

  4. journalynne said,

    Heya Egalitaria, I came over from Sivin’s site. Interesting stuff to read in your blog! =)

    I feel it’s so sad that we don’t pay enough attention to the Orang Asli. I share your sentiments regarding the Orang Aslis…

    God bless.

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