November 15, 2006

Welcome Home

Posted in Malaysia at 2:00 am by egalitaria

Welcome Home to Malaysia, the land where

  • The Minister in the PM’s department contradicts the Deputy Finance Minister in statistical data
  • The dominant political party youth chief makes statements warning others not to question the ethnicity of this dominant party
  • Official statistics are not really that official. In fact, to quote, there are “lies, damn lies, and statistics”. Sad, but true.
  • Wearing a skirt below the knee is considered “sexy” to certain leaders in a northern state and therefore should be blamed for being focused upon by a CCTV.
  • SMS rumours can be considered justifiable ground for being held up in the ISA (internal security act).
  • You are not allowed to wish someone else a festival greeting because that goes against your religion
  • Big buildings are built all over the country in the hope that they will attract foreign direct investment, even if there is NO human capital inflow to fill up the huge space.
  • Some sort of Hitler-esque interpretation of race seems to be taking place.
  • Positive discrimination is allowed, whilst no such thing as negative discrimination is recognised. (strange, since with one comes the other, one naturally supposes..)

Welcome Home Indeed. I feel so welcome.


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  1. Sivin said,

    after being home for a week … I’m still catching up with what “home” has to offer to us as citizens as well as all that’s been cooking the 27 days when I’ve been absent

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