February 4, 2007

Shhhh.. all a secret

Posted in Malaysia at 5:33 pm by egalitaria

Four opposition leaders are going to be called in tomorrow morning, accused of revealing documents that are classified under the Official Secrets Act, namely documents showing toll concessionaires would profiteer.

What is the purpose of the OSA? To classify documents that will be a cause of national security and division amongst the people. To maintain order in society, sometimes keeping documents secret from the public is understandable. BUT, when documents are kept secret to the detriment of the people and public, this is utterly unacceptable.

Deliberately hiding behind some official law is not only an escapist tactic, it is also shamefully immature. It doesn’t reflect a government that is ready to bring things out into the open to discuss and have a useful exchange. If this is the case, might as well not release any information or statistics to the public at all, because people realise that it is selective in nature.

I guess it seems that only certain quarters are able to interpret and decide what is considered “sensitive”. It’s definitely not a process well thought-through, with consultation of the public in mind.

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