February 6, 2007

Bookie Haven

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Amidst some of my heavier reading material I’ve had to sift through, in the past month I managed to sneak in some private reading of my own. Here’s a quick sample of what I’ve been digesting:

The Tipping Point

An inspiring book in which Malcolm Gladwell talks about how ideas and trends are like epidemics. Think about how influenza spreads. Think about how some seemingly unheard of brand becomes instantaneously popular. What is it that tips the market trend, and causes it to spread like wildfire amongst a crowd? Gladwell says it’s due to a number of factors like having a “Connector” – people who are influential in various different circles, a “Sticky Factor” – factors that allow ideas to stick to people’s heads, and “the Power of Context” – the right conditions. These are common sense notions, but written in the right marketing jargon for the man on the street (like me, or woman in my case) to digest. The application for me, of course, is to see how I can continue to spew out ideas for change and market it for the Malaysian public. What is the method by which I can influence the most number of people in the most effective manner? This book may help to answer that question.

On Beauty

This was simply absorbed as an amazing literary read; the kind you can slouch on your bed over, on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This is Zadie Smith’s third book, her first being “White Teeth” which is also a great read. On Beauty took the crown, though. Smith has a powerful way of drawing out such depth in the life of her characters, building up the storyline slowly to a climax – and you can hardly breathe in the last chapters, emphathising completely with each of their lives and experiences. It’s a book that makes you think about Love, what it Costs, why it Falls Apart, and whether it’s all worth it. Marriage, separation, affairs, getting too used to being with Someone, humanity, people being who they are and realising that hey, it’s alright to fall down in life. Love cuts deep but you wake up and say, thanks for the pain – I learnt something there I wouldn’t have otherwise.

A History of God

Currently reading: A History of God by Karen Armstrong. Review to come up soon, but the introduction has been enlightening already. Wonder how this will coincide with my current study of Theology.



  1. alwyn said,

    like you, i’m still trying to thinkof ways to apply the stuff in Tipping Point (although i resonate more with the stuff he wrote in Blink)

  2. egalitaria said,

    I haven’t yet read blink, but tipping point was fun more because of the case studies than the actual concepts, which I think are basically re-articulations of stuff people roughly know about. retermed and repackaged. good ideas though.

  3. LeonKJ said,

    Oh, oh, I listened to Blink (Audio book of Audible.com) and I loved it! The case studies were classic. i dont buy his arguements lock, stock and barrel but it has revolutionized my perspective on human behaviour.

  4. egalitaria said,

    Human behaviour… is a tough nut to crack. We should be studying lots more psychology and apply it in how we address our audiences.

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