February 8, 2007

The Model Model

Posted in Malaysia at 4:23 pm by egalitaria

What is the ‘model’ model?

Well, apparently not Eurasian faces, according to Zam, our beloved Information Minister.

Pan-Asian features (the mixed look) may slowly be phased out of the Malaysian commercial advertising industry, according to some new rules. Apparently they are not “Malaysian” enough.

What a stupid ruling! I can just feel the furore rising from the likes of our many Malaysian models who have made it big through their mixed look. Whether or not they have mixed parentage is beside the question. Fact is, they are born and bred Malaysian. They are as Malaysian as any of us others (who don’t have the looks to make it big in the modelling scene). They have every right to strut our TV screens and billboards.

Some argue that this is because some have been dominating the industry more than others. So what? They have been born with the looks that happen to appeal to the public. It is to their advantage, and I believe they should be fully capitalising on what they have been given. Open competition… means very little in this country.



  1. Meng Yee said,

    Of all the many absurd comments made by our infamous Minister of Information – this tops it all!!!! This takes the icing on the cake!

  2. egalitaria said,

    I know… but dont we all just *love* him? He’s such a *towering Malaysian*! I’m so proud of him!

  3. Majid said,

    He just wants a level playing field – 30% Melayu and the rest can be as ugly as he is. Hence no place for the best looking ones. Not surprising as 2 1/2 million brainy Malaysians have already left. Zam and his kind have replaced them with 4 million labourers – Indons, Pakis, Banglas (sorry, no Banglas because they have blue eyes and marry malay girls!), etc. If you are under 45, have trade (hairdresser, welder, chef, etc), business or pfoessional skills and speak English, send me a brief email about yourself at “easymigration@iprimus.com.au” for a free assessment. You could be living in Oz, a country that gives everyone a fair go. As for Zam, he might get banned for frightening the children if he ever appears in an advert there.

  4. pvvmmkgbar said,

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