March 24, 2007

Citizen’s Eyes

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One of the ways in which to encourage our local council representatives to actually get moving is to provide them with visual aid! Titled “Citizen’s Eyes” by OHMSI (Oriental Hearts and Mind Study Institute), this initiative seeks to be…

your report card of your local state assemblyman, Member of Parliament and the local authorities, which will be read by the Federal Government, including our beloved prime minister.

It is to basically encourage the citizens of this country to send photographs in that show and highlight any complaints that we have of public facilities in our neighbourhoods. It’s simple enough, just upload the pics on the website here.

Let’s walk one step closer to responsible citizenship. (And pray hard with our fingers crossed that our local MBs and Wakil Rakyats will respond accordingly!)

ps: if only we had such an initiative to show up corruption just as visually clear as this. not possible, as corruption is by its very nature subtle, creeping and invisible to the public eye.


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  1. dbctan said,

    It’s another way to exercise our social responsibility I guess. Have to wait and see. Will pictures do the trick where words fail and the law subverted? Hmm.

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