April 1, 2007

Subashini: Injunction for now

Posted in Malaysia, Religion at 3:34 am by egalitaria

Subashini has obtained a temporary injunction against her husband, preventing him from initiating or continuing any proceedings in the syariah court, or converting their younger child. This buys time for the appeal to go to Federal Court.

This is reported in greater detail here, in the Star.

Read more information and press releases on issues related to Islam and its like here, by Article 11 – a compilation of statements.

Also, Malaysia’s No. 1 Blogger Jeff Ooi has started to blog about it here, which shows its significance on the socio-political scene.


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  1. dbctan said,

    I was really glad to read that Jeff was contributing to greater concern for Subashini’s case. Was googling and surfing technorati but didn’t find a lot of posts other than recaps of press statements and news.

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