July 26, 2007

Let Justice Flow Like a River

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I will be giving a short sharing session this Sunday at City Discipleship Presbyterian Church, Subang Jaya. It will be on Social Justice, and Hedonese has very nicely captured it to title “Let Justice Flow Like a River”.

Time: 1.30pm

Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church

Topic: Social Justice (in Malaysia, specifically, of course, no less!)

A teaser (extract from the Agora blog): (but they are my words – lah):

Tricia: “Despite the fact that we look towards heaven as an end to life’s journey, this does not mean social work is negligible. In many books of the Bible, God calls for social justice. Basic verses speak volumes of helping the needy, standing up for the righteous, ensuring that justice is given out in the courts. The book of Amos even calls for the corrupt to be ridden of in the court.

My message is simply that, although Christians believe that the earth is temporal, it is still our responsibility to ensure suffering is eased. What is the difference then? The difference is this: Suffering exists, but God is the balm. Everything that we do should point towards God ultimately. Social justice needs to be called for at all levels because the ultimate judge is Him. Helping the poor and mistreated, the marginalised in society and the prisoners, those who are ostracised and weak – because all are created equal under His eyes.

While we look to the future and cast our eyes on what is unseen at this point in time, we are in the ‘here and now’, and are responsible for our fellow beings. Let us take heed.”


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