July 26, 2007

New Visions and New Voices

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I spoke about a month ago, at the Bar Council Malaysia.

The panel discussion comprised Marzuki Mohamad from ABIM (Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia), Nik Nazmi (political aide to Anwar Ibrahim from Parti Keadilan Rakyat), Richard Wee (National Young Lawyers’ Committee) and chaired by Fahri Azzat (Human Rights Committee, Bar Council).

Nik Nazmi writes about it here. And the report in the Bar council website is here.

Basically it was getting young voices to speak out on what they desire for the future of the country. And much of it has been said before, but getting this group of people together was interesting. I personally enjoyed Marzuki’s very intellectual and articulate commentary about political theories. Richard expounded on the history of cases in Malaysia, some of which I didn’t quite comprehend. Profound nevertheless. Nik Nazmi was articulate as usual and talked about the need to transcend ethnicities. What stood out most prominently for me was his statement that “Every problem should be a Malaysian problem”. It’s true that once we can stop thinking about a problem as a “Chinese problem”, or “Malay problem” or “Indian problem”, we might be able to get out of these conservative little boxes that are catalyst to ethnic discrimination.

Enjoy reading! Leave a comment if you want a copy of the paper I presented that evening. 🙂

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