July 26, 2007

Tricia Yeoh Awakens

Posted in Personal at 7:17 pm by egalitaria

Hola, Hallo, Ni Hao, Hello, Apa Khabar to all.

Tricia Yeoh has decided to awaken from her blogging slumber and amidst the eye of the busiest, stormiest periods, emerge to report on the numerous activities that she is being actively involved in. It is also the first time that she is publicly acknowledging her name on the blog as Tricia Yeoh. Perhaps it was due to utter humility that she has refrained from announcing her name blatantly before.

Nevertheless, the crowd has convinced her that this is the best solution to get any message across. And she certainly has so much to say, it spills out of her heart and mind at times. So, welcome back to cyber space. At a time like this, when Nathaniel Tan and Raja Petra Kamarudin are being incessantly targeted, she feels that there needs to be some kind of strategy that speaks to both sides of the bridges, because anger stirs and clouds gather. She thinks that being combative on either side is not really helping either.

She thinks. And continues to do so. Please join Tricia as she goes on a thinking journey (which has never ended, and God only knows when it started because her mind gets tired of it sometimes).



  1. Bob K said,

    So Tricia also likes to speak in the third person eh?

    Welcome back, Trish.

  2. egalitaria said,

    Yes she strangely does.. 😉

    Thanks Bob!

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