July 31, 2007

Free the People

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After the presentation I gave on Sunday, I twanged on my favourite Big Baby Taylor, a song I wrote 3 years ago on freedoms and justice. Basically, it is premised on the issue of how people are continually trapped in a system of injustice, systemic evil that corrupts the mind and soul. Oftentimes we do not realise how we ourselves are trapped in its cyclical movement as well, and so the song calls for us to wake up and liberate ourselves, in liberating the rest of society. It is all too idealistic I know, but hey, what else do we have to work towards if not for ideals eh? Here you go.

Free the People 

V1: Clipped wings are not wings at all,

Try to fly, babe, and you will fall.

Who cut your feathers when you were asleep?

What made you think them real?

They say the sky won’t be conquered by the weak and the frail.

V2: What if false tomorrows frame your nest?

What matters if you try your best?

If the web that surrounds all you live for abounds,

They say you’ve been put to the test.


Free the people so what they believe is free,

Free the people so they can be free to see,

Free the people so what they believe is,

Free the people so they can be free to

Be the people who choose to forever be free…

Choose to forever be free…



  1. Sivin said,

    Oh my Lord! You have a baby taylor ? …. *jealous*

  2. egalitaria said,

    it’s a “big baby” actually, which is more comfortable to use and embrace in one’s arms 🙂 lovely sound. shall i bring it to taiping?

  3. Antares said,

    Nice and juicy lyrics. Can’t wait to hear the tune! 🙂

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