August 1, 2007

Formation of Self

Posted in Reflections at 11:51 pm by egalitaria

In answer to what spiritual formation is, Sherman said the following:

When I hear the term “spiritual formation”, what comes to my mind (or rather, what is supposed to come to my mind) is a holistic process of life formation which an individual goes through within the context of a community. This process takes place within the context of a common life within a shared space.

It is immediately obvious that the term “spiritual formation”, for me, cannot be divorced from the communal and communitarian dimensions. For spiritual formation to take place, it has to take place within community. This conviction stems from a theological understanding of God’s nature.

I concur.



  1. sk said,

    Ahem, my blog address in your link isn’t correct. :p

  2. egalitaria said,

    oopsie! my humble apologies, mr. sk.

  3. Sivin said,

    I thought Sherman would leave a profound follow up comment.

    alas … it was an earthy one!

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