August 1, 2007

Publish What You Pay

Posted in Malaysia at 11:36 pm by egalitaria

Will be going to Bali, Indonesia for a conference soon, called “Publish What You Pay“, selected as part of the Malaysian delegation at this event that will bring together representatives from countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

This initiative was founded by several institutes, including Oxfam, Transparency International UK and  Save the Children. Its goal is to encourage greater accountability and transparency in the financial reporting of the extractive industries. It is premised on the belief that many developing resource-rich countries have not necessarily translated these resources into an equivalent level of development for its people.

Malaysia of course is not really in that boat, having definitely prospered because of its resources like oil and tin. But there are certain issues that must still be tackled, like the transparency of funds that are channeled in and out to Government, and how these funds are being used exactly.

I see it as a good thing because it goes in line with what everyone is talking about these days. The hype word is transparency, accountability. I’ll be presenting on behalf of Malaysia. Will share some views after the team gathers its thoughts together!

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