August 1, 2007

Tweet Tweet goes the laptop

Posted in Personal at 11:24 pm by egalitaria

A bit of navel-gazing here.

Many moons ago while working on my sturdy laptop I heard a little tweet coming from somewhere in my room. I jumped out of my chair in excitement, thinking there was a little bird stuck in here somewhere. I called everyone to come and listen, search for the poor creature that had undoubtedly found itself trapped inside. Intermittently the little thing would tweet in desperation, and we would all shout in unison saying we think it’s here, here..

The drama ended when, (of course, an hour later…) the sharpest ear caught the sound emanating from the very machine at which I was furiously typing at before.
Only 2 nights ago did I discover that the tweeting of the laptop is signal of hardware failure. Now how was I supposed to know that, honestly??

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