August 5, 2007

Elections is for the Malays?

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  Khairy J. is at it again. He says that the elections is for the future of the Malays. Of course. It is plain to see. Race card played once again for political mileage. Enough said. No need any indepth political analysis, this one, let’s not reduce ourselves to pretend that it warrants any philosophical consideration.

Instead, No. 2 of my postings of what I wish the Prime Minister would say. Or anyone from UMNO, for that matter. I wish we had a noble statesmen who would say the following:

“Young man, I thank you for your enthusiasm. Indeed, it is honourable that you would desire to stand for the people of your kind. We no doubt need intelligent, passionate men as yourself to uplift the sorry state of our Malay brethren – especially those who are still economically disadvantaged. I agree with you.

However, you see, even our Founding Fathers and many great leaders that followed, have established an understanding that Malaysia is really for people of different ethnic groups. We share common ground that is this nation. We share a common space, a common value system. We share Malaysia. To say that the coming elections is for the future of the Malays alone is not a fair representation of our collective history. Of course yes, it IS for the future of the Malays but also for the future of all other races – Malaysia is made up of other races as well, and they form a pretty large group of people here. Plus, don’t forget that the Chinese and Indians also helped in the process of Independence and fighting the Japanese Occupation.

So I think, it is better if you said this: Elections is for the sake of all Malaysians, to ensure they get the leaders of their choice, responsible leaders who, in demonstrating the best of integrity and governance can then contribute to the elevation of people in society as a whole, Malays included. I think that is a better way of putting it. Could you please apologise to our fellow Chinese and Indian and other brothers and sisters for your statement? Let’s show them that we really do welcome them as they welcome us. I think it is only fair that they have an equal say in the future of our country. After all, we are all living together. They are equal citizens too.”

When and from WHOM can we receive such a statement?

I’m waiting for a noble statesmen to gently admonish racism without being arrogant or confrontational.

I’m waiting for a noble Malay politician and leader to be bold and brave – plus, it is being righteously bold, about something that is true and noble. The future lies in your hands. A mere Chinese nobody like me (or my fellow Chinese leaders, for that matter) has no voice, I feel. Our mouthpieces are weak.

I’m waiting. I’m waiting. I’m waiting.



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  2. nat said,

    tak payah tunggu-tunggula, dah ada ni… 🙂

    *kita* yg tunggu ko join 😀

    keadilan untuk semua!

  3. You know what, our politics is as bad as the Malay mail – tabloid, sensational and brain dead! Maybe these are syntomps of a bigger problem?

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