August 21, 2007

Young Writers’ Camp 2007

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I just returned from a Young Writers’ Camp, where I gave a workshop on blogging. This bunch of youths are highly intellectual and ask good questions. It makes me inspired and encouraged that there are so many young people out there who really do want to write to make a difference (or at least I hope).

I said the following, during my session…

I said that when we blog, we must remember the fact that we have a public audience out there. That is the basic premise. I encouraged them to think of a particular theme for their blog, asking them Why they blog in the first place. There are millions of blogs out there, so why would theirs be any different?

I challenged them to do three things: 3I’s. In blogging, remember that the blog is merely a communication tool like any other writing tool. So the first is to have an Idea – like any piece of writing, you need to have a passion, a message, something urgent that you want to say to the world out there.

Secondly, blogs Interact with the other, interact with individuals around them and is a useful mechanism to receive feedback, criticisms and comments to the stuff they write. Use this to their advantage. Thirdly, blogs must Impact society in some way. Think of the people’s hearts you want to change. Writing for the public and the mass, how will it impact the reader as they go along?

The theme of the camp was writing to know self, God and others. I can account for the fact that writing changes who we are. We discover ourselves in the process. And for what purpose God made us. And how we can help others to do the same.

The best thing you can do in life is to inspire. -Bob Dylan.



  1. Daniel said,

    Most people don’t actually see blogs an important tool, nothing beyond brief notes on their personal life and perhaps, a few here and theres about their opinions on various things.

    Which was why I found your session interesting food-for-thought. And I think a few people would’ve certainly made it a point to make their blogs more serious after that.

    A real privilege to be at the camp, and have you there. God bless. =)

  2. Bob K said,

    Sorry for being a bit off-topic but you’ve been tagged.

  3. Alex Tang said,

    I believe your three ‘I’s gave them pause and see blogging in a new light. Many people see blogging as a modern form of digital narcissism, where they share their intimate day or life to an anonymous world. Thanks for the post.

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