December 11, 2007

Travel Log 1: London & Cambridge

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I’ve been travelling quite a lot over the last couple of months, and thought I’d document and log them in case I forget the value I’ve received and absorbed from them.

I was in London and Cambridge in October, involved in the Malaysia-UK Partnership, commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the relationship the two countries have shared since we got independence from them. The London event, as all high-level conferences, was good to connect with fellow Malaysians in UK, and to see how the interests of those British tied in with Malaysia. I was pretty impressed with Tg. Zafrul from Tune Money, a young entrepreneurial chap, epitome of the upper middle class Malay with good ideas and just the sort of breed who I think can make a change in Malaysia. Held at the Lord Mayor’s Residence, this was pretty much “brit” and full of pomp.

Cambridge was more down to earth and content driven, held at St. Cath’s since our Tunku Abdul Rahman was educated there in his early years. Alma mater to many Malaysians, we held dialogue with students and others on Malaysian and Asian issues. Very stimulating, and interaction with fellow Malaysians within Cambridge was great.

In London we conducted another Merdeka Statement discussion, with mainly Malaysian undergraduate students, most of whom are linked through UKEC, the premiere council that has always been well-organised, place for grooming future leaders, many of whom are children of existing ministers and leaders. Excellent discussed ensued, and I was personally glad that there was a representative of ABIM present there. Discussion was open and fair, with reference to NEP, religion, apostasy and social cohesion tying the themes together.

Overall a good productive trip, with great memories brought back of the London underground tubes, chips and vinegar (and kebab) at midnight, Leicester square and the fresh, crisp air. Wait, I take back the “fresh”. It’s gritty and snotty, but I love London!

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