December 15, 2007

Indians Dialogue with the Chief

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When all’s said and done, this dialogue should have come much earlier now, shouldn’t it?

The Malaysia Hindu Sangam public statement read out to the PM was well presented, fair and unbiased. Of course we all know that such an open and frank discussion would never have seen the light of day if not for the big publicity stunt pulled by HINDRAF recently, perhaps precisely the objective of Uthayakumar and his team.

Why does it take a big circus hullabaloo in order for the leaders to wake up and pay attention to the plight and dissatisfaction of its people? They would have otherwise continued on in sleepy slumber, carrying on token internal discussions with equally token responses like “yes, we will look into the situation, thanks for your complaints”…!!

Come on, don’t wait for ruckus before addressing needs of the people. Get into proper policy, people! But am glad lots of initiatives are taking place now, like Haris’ People’s Parliament, Citizen Think Tank’s shadow Government and so on. Watch this space for more constructive dialogue on how feedback can feed into policy.


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  1. Bob K said,

    My opinion exactly. The MHS and other civil society representatives of the ethnic Indian community have been trying for years to get some acknowledgement from the administration that there are serious socio-economic and socio-political problems with the community and they have generally been rebuffed or scoffed at.

    It took a massive mobilisation and the sacrifice of a few brave souls to force the administration to the negotiating table. I guess it may be worth it after all.

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