December 15, 2007

Politics & Injustice: What’s Faith Gotta do with it?

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I’m speaking at a youth camp this weekend on the topic of “Politics & Injustice: What’s Faith Gotta do with it?”

This is obviously a topic that I’m pretty familiar with already, but I’ve only ever spoken to crowds made up of adults, activists and/or theologians. I’ve done one session on blogging with a bunch of intellectual youth at a writers’ camp, but this will be a different ball game for me.

Having expired from the old sunday teaching classes a long time ago, getting back in touch and in rhythm with 13-18 year olds is gonna be a slight toughie, especially on the above subject that is as dry as bread crumbs. Wonder how they will take to it. I need to pump them with some activity. These are some of the things I am thinking to do in the workshop to ensure maximum participation from the young un’s.

  • Hook/Primer: Do a role play with different scenarios on “injustice” inviting volunteers from the floor + debrief
  • Book: Get out some contents on the slides on connection between faith and politics  
  • Get them into small groups and get them to answer some questions, discuss 
  • Show them powerpoint slides of active blogs (cos this is the Y-generation of facebook, blogs and so on)
  • Action forward: “Conscientizing” into action, how true transformation is manifested in daily living

Wish me all the best!



  1. keat lim said,

    you did well!

  2. egalitaria said,

    thanks! i’ll send round my slides to people if you wanna use them… 🙂

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