January 29, 2008

The Hoax of Yeoh Conspiracy

Posted in Personal at 7:26 pm by egalitaria

It’s very amusing when people link you here and there.

I haven’t had time to blog since the last post, but there have been very interesting comments to my interview on Malaysia Today.

One that especially caught my attention was the fact that I am related to certain people and hence how I got to where I am today workwise.

I initially contemplated whether or not to respond to this, as it might seem as a move of being defensive. But I suppose in the spirit of transparency, which I fully advocate, there is no harm in making a clear statement 🙂

So, here goes. I have no known direct relation to Michael Yeoh (my boss), nor Francis Yeoh (business tycoon) or his dad (Yeoh Tiong Lay).

But I understand why people would make that assumption though. There aren’t that many Yeohs around in KL, so hence people make that connection. Perhaps we were related like 4 generations ago, in the Fuchien province of China itself. Who knows?

Okay. Point made. 🙂



  1. sk said,

    Nicely said. It’s a world of conspiracy theories.

  2. crazyhorsechief said,

    sigh…they should at least try linking you with datuk michelle yeoh 😉

  3. egalitaria said,

    exactly!! why not speculate on the striking resemblance between me and the beautiful dignified michelle yeoh? that’s more likely right? haha….

    ok ok, i am NOT related to michelle yeoh either. if i was i could be getting pics taken with jean todt. what a waste.

  4. markus said,

    lol it is quite funny in a way.. but sad too, that there is so much cynicism (and even spite!) among msians out there.

    keep it up tricia! prov 3:5-6

  5. truth man said,

    we know you are note related to m yeoh- what we want to know is why do you still call him Dr Michael when you know his PhD is a fake one from irish international university? if you claim to stand for the truth, should you not start with your boss?

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