January 30, 2008

Two O O Eight

Posted in Malaysia at 12:21 pm by egalitaria

I realise I haven’t said Happy New Year to everyone, so here goes.

Happy Blessed New Year!
Selamat Tahun Baru!
Xin Nian Kuai Le!
Eine Gutes Neues Jahr!

This year holds exciting things for us all in Malaysia. We’ve started off with a bang, with the Lingam court case going on. Next with Chua Soi Lek’s resignation as Health Minister. Next the issue on the word Allah and confiscation (and consequent returning) of Christian books from MPH. Of course, Elections are just round the corner. This will be interesting to watch.

Other things to await and anticipate in our country will be the Cabinet reshuffling, Mid Term Review of the 9th Malaysia Plan, Budget will be announced much earlier this year (August 2008), effects of the US Subprime market (decoupling is a myth) on our economy, seeing how ASEAN takes shape more and more and what role the country will play in that, the mass deportation of migrant workers from the country and protests that will take place from there (not as if the Indonesian-Malaysia relations are not already in the dumps! I’m in Indonesia right now and they truly detest our brash way of dealing with foreign maids, amongst others. apparently there were 8 demonstrations outside our Embassy in Jakarta last year, one this year, and more to come), USMFTA negotiations are resuming so NGOs and anti globalisation groups will be protesting again, we will be looking at the 60 year anniversary of the 1948 Federation of Malaya Agreement this August, with more forums and talks and articles in that respect, Lingam Commission report will be submitted to little end (they will recommend something but it will be given a “royal pardon” by the Agong, the PM (Pak Lah will still be in power) will say that it is an old issue, and we have forgiven him “according to the Malaysian spirit”. Then some religious issue or other will arise again, another Lina Joy, another Revathi, and the debate will not quite end. More statements to be seen from the usual suspects (including yours truly).

So that’s my take on what we foresee in the upcoming year ahead. Let’s see if I am right. 🙂

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