February 9, 2008

This is Our Country.

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Article in The Sun on Wednesday 6th February 08 

This is not my country or your country. This is our country.Wan Saiful Wan Jan & Tricia Yeoh  Despite living thousands of miles apart, and the racial and ethnic differences, the two authors of this article share the same experience of being an ethnic minority.  Wan Saiful Wan Jan is a Malay Muslim who has been living in Britain as an ethnic minority since 1993. As a Muslim, he feels the need to contribute to the British society that he is now part of, although he still feels a strong attachment to Malaysia. Tricia Yeoh has been living in Malaysia her whole life. A Chinese Christian, she too is an ethnic minority. Like many other minority groups in Malaysia, she considers Malaysia to be the only home she knows and loves.  In Britain, the Muslim minority is demanding that they are treated as equals. Things are not much different for ethnic minorities in Malaysia. Just like minority Muslims in Britain, the minority non-Muslims in Malaysia too are asking to be treated as equals.  The reactions they get are also more or less the same. In Britain, some among the majority, say “Don’t challenge us, this is our country!”. In Malaysia, once again, some among the majority Malay Muslims also say “Don’t challenge us, this is our country!”.  

It is not easy being a minority, is it?

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