March 11, 2008

Inside Story: Al-Jazeera (Me, Karim Raslan and Mavis Puthucheary)

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  1. laker said,

    Chandra, Tricia Yeoh and several others have shown themselves to be intellectual dwarfs in political analysis. They are just there for their plum paying jobs and the stage. It is they who are an umnmitigated disaster to the Malaysian rakyat. In some ways they have disclosed that one is a closet bigot and the other is a closet racist. I wonder if folks caught that in their writings! To embarassing to be spelt out.

    There is no need for them to write anymore. Next they will be laughed at and boo-ed at seminars.

  2. egalitaria said,

    Hi Laker, care to explain why you consider me to be a closet racist? Thanks. Tricia

  3. Fahri said,


    Whilst I would not disagree with your comment on Chandra and whichever ‘several others’ you refer to, but I can attest for a fact that Tricia is not (i) an intellectual dwarf (ii) a closet racist and is ironically the opposite of what you say.

    If had any intellectual integrity you would (i) explain your comments instead of just making them (ii) not use a pseudonym. But then, I don’t expect much out of chaps like you who I think do this to reduce their own cognitive dissonance.

  4. nick chan abdullah said,

    personally I look at it at moral point of view
    It is my moral duty to vote againsts leaders who support ISA, oppress the weak, force others to toe the line, demolish (age-old) temples, racist, sexist etc…

    (Though some of the points are related to enocomy, I tend to treat it differently than moral subject)

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