March 14, 2008

Abc writes in

Posted in Malaysia at 9:20 am by egalitaria

My friendly anonymous friend Abc wrote in to say the following.

Many thanks for clarifying that the contentious statement (in the context of IHT’s story) was not what you had said.

As for your  ‘wish you would have had the courtesy to leave your name’, I regret that II cannot fulfil your wish much as I would like to.  Pseudonym is, like democracy, a freedom of choice, not necessarily an issue of courtesy.

All is well and good. Such is life in Malaysia. Everyday is an elections day, with great sensitivities surrounding our discourse on politics, race, and democracy. 😉



  1. dbctan said,

    In a way, the digital revolution in general (and blogs in particular) makes all opinions equal, and every issue a potential flashpoint. I’ve learned and accepted that misreadings and misunderstandings will take place no matter how carefully we articulate our views. What’s hard is remaining civil and gracious throughout the debate. That’s one lesson I’m still learning 🙂 But hey, you’ve acquitted yourself pretty well…

  2. truth said,

    Pls tell us your stand about Micheal Yeoh, ASLI boss, using a fake PhD from Irish International Uni.

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