August 20, 2008

Flocking North to Permatang Pauh

Posted in Malaysia, Personal at 1:45 am by egalitaria

The whole world will be flocking north to Permatang Pauh this week. Penang’s economy will flourish. I say, take advantage of the situation and sell kuih-muih to maximise profits. Schools will prosper. Families whose relatives die will benefit within this specific period (do it now to optimise!).

The money is also flocking north. Who is keeping check of the loose promises of money that keep spewing out of mouths on either side? Any monitoring of campaign financing? Coincidental representation of an NGO when one is a candidate is not even a valid excuse – in fact when one if campaigning as a candidate one’s affiliations should be cut off so as to remove confusion and overlapping of roles.

Politics will be the death of Malaysia I tell you. But let the year of reckoning come to pass before we can flourish again – yes I still believe the day will come.


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  1. saba said,

    hahaha.. funny

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