September 11, 2008

Remaking the Big Bang

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This has to be one of the coolest experiments ever conducted. After close to 20 years of research, a huge team of scientists has put together equipment that will replicate conditions of the Big Bang – or at least, it will attempt to do so.

It’s called the “Large Hadron Collider“, where the experimenters are trying to shoot protons into each other, hoping that their collision will show results similar to what happened when the universe started.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator complex, intended to collide opposing beams of protons charged with very high energy. Its main purpose is to explore the validity and limitations of the Standard Model, the current theoretical picture for particle physics. It is theorized that the collider will confirm the existence of the Higgs boson, the observation of which could confirm the predictions and missing links in the Standard Model, and could explain how other elementary particles acquire properties such as mass.

It’s really interesting to watch documentaries of this thing, because it’s actually built UNDER the surface, in a circular-like makeup. It lies under the French-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland, and is 27 kilometres long.

This is pretty historical, phenomenal (yes, more historical than September 16th 2008, even). The only thing is that it will take several years before any real answers will emerge. The team of physicists will be poring over the numerical data, running analyses and such.

Initially there was some fear that particle collisions might lead to negative effects, but that’s been pretty much cleared up.

In a couple of years, when the conditions and actual replication of the Big Bang can be thoroughly analysed, this may lead to some tearing apart of preconceived notions – about life, death, beginnings and endings of the world.. not to mention faith… and potentially, God. Maybe it’s time religious groups had better start getting prepared for questions and answers! (Mine included)

But I am generally excited about this awesome venture into science and discovery 🙂



  1. Karcy said,

    I don’t think it’s prudent for a religious group to prepare answers for the eventuality of something that is not certain yet. If you go into an argument with the intention of proving a point, you are not going into it sincerely, and will be more likely to skew and distort information to please your personal bias. You will enter as a debater, not a scholar.

    I believe that God is truth and that truth has its own quality of making itself known. It does not need human defense, only human understanding.

  2. Hugh Jass said,

    I don’t get it.
    It should die
    Kill it with fire.

  3. Starvin Marvin said,


  4. Ben Dover said,

    You guys are gay.

  5. kamila said,

    i agree totally with karcy!!!!! i mean if the experiment faills we can all die!!!!! any way…this shouldnt be happening

  6. Karma said,

    what happens if it works…a universe in a universe? or will it be a universe in a container. and what if it is a smaller universe in it dose that me we are just some test in some lab some where else just so they(who ever they are)could find out how they lived……i think it could make a black hole and dose any one else think its weird that its going to take one to four years for this to work and 2012 is in four years….i think we should of got a vote on if they got to turn it one or not…..see you all in hell

  7. luke said,

    i think its not a very good idea because when those two things hit boom we gone not a very smart thing….. why would u risk killling billions of people just to see if you can recreate some stupid theory just to prove a point… i think there better off trying it on alot smaller scale instead of having a 20 mile tunnle. and another thing i think is stupid because if something does go wrong when they hit and it sends the mechine off in a straight direction it would cause a very big mess or kill 100’s or millions of people. even though science is trying to prove this i still think we should make a vote like karma said and yes if something does go wrong the worst possible thing is a black hole..and probibly the stupidest thing i thought is why would u turn on a 750 million dollar mechine to kill billions of people i think its stupid and dumb…..reply on my myspace if you wanna talk over it

  8. WAZZAAA!!! said,

    science is gay and weird i think we should just leave the fing to blow up da world later when normal un nerdy people can be bovered


  9. WAZZAAA!!! said,

    ben dover so he sez is awsome u should totally piss off nerds lol 😛 2 nerds.

  10. WAZZAAA!!! said,

    thort id say karcy is a gay poo 😛 and……………………………………………


  11. David said,

    wow some intelligent thoughts and some ridiculous ones. karma, If you don’t want scary answers maybe you should stop asking scary questions. what if we are just in a tube in some ones lab?? ha ha. Do your research and you will learn that what they’re doing is very safe and has the explosive impact of a mosquito hitting a wall. the reason that it is four years of research is because it will take four years to crunch the data. the experiment has been done, no 2012 end of the world. As for Karcys opening statement wow very profound almost poetic, but just because science proves our religions wrong it does not mean there is not a higher power. the belief in a higher power is grand and inspiring, the belief in a church that prays on week minds in need of guidance is pathetic. thay make billions a year on you fools and share it with no one, if they were to take one month of the profit they make on just even the admittance to the vatican they could probably end starvation in the world. what was that? do on to others. . . . oh ya guess it doesn’t apply to there social dogma.

  12. Chris said,

    ok this whole large hadron collider thing sounds kind of gay who give a fuck how the world was made and by the way what a gay fucking name anyway there scientist a fucking 4 year old can make up something better than that come on now and to what david said yes there is a higher power its called the illuminati and as religion goes its all propaganda that the illuminati made up. its all bed time storys if you ever think about it on every bill its says “in god we trust” something that was made up by the government and Annuit Coeptis Novus ordo Seclorum the latin words on the back of the dollar bill surronding the eye of providence aka the eye of horus which relates to the sun god horus of ancient egypt means he approves of new world order just do your research and dont leave stupid ass comments about shit like this its serious the government is up to something that there not telling us about you should all stop being facist and learn about new world order, illuminati, and symbolism and watch this video

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