September 11, 2008

Why I Am Fasting

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I’ve been asked my many people why I decided to fast this month, so I shall write out my reasons why. I won’t write about my experiences yet, although I have been keeping a journal (my usual journal) to keep a log of what it’s been like. Plus, KLUE magazine found out I am doing it – and apparently I shall be writing an article on it after!

I’m fasting for the month of Ramadhan, for several reasons:

One, I am attempting to do it in solidarity with my Muslim friends around the world. I think it’s a great way to understand and emphathise with Muslims this unusual once-a-year experience.

Two, I actually wanted to quieten down this month to ponder over several personal decisions. (Quite impossible with the political ruckus in Malaysia now!)

Three, this comes at a time in Malaysian history which actually needs a lot of prayer and reflection. I’m not sure how much of this I am able to do right now, though, seeing as I am actually more greatly frustrated with the likes of Ahmad Ismail’s antics.

Four, again it is a good spiritual discipline. In our harried lives, (or mine specifically), it is not easy to keep a regular schedule especially in terms of sleeping, waking, eating in general. Discipline is good for the body, and hopefully after the month I shall keep to it.



  1. Michelle Ho said,

    What a great thing to do as a show of solidarity! You go girl!

  2. Mike said,

    Well I have been fasting with the Muslims for the past 3 years though Im a Christian…its a great experience..sharing lives together..and I do the full fast..not easy..but still it can b the grace of the Lord.!

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