September 12, 2008

The Mania that is Malaysia

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          All us political junkies talk about is well.. politics, in Malaysia. The following sums up the bulk of our conversation these days:

  • Whether September 16th 2008 will “happen” or not – this refers to whether or not the Pakatan Rakyat coalition under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim will take over government by its self-imposed date.
  • Ahmad Ismail – the epitome of racism in Malaysia; the bane of humanity’s social cohesion; the one man who can bear the brunt of all negativities Umno stands for.
  • Barisan Nasional – whether or not the coalition government is going to fall apart in the next days, especially the fate of component parties Gerakan, MCA and MIC
  • Anwar Ibrahim – whether or not he is trustable enough to lead the new government in cleansing out the crap in Malaysia; and bring sense into the seemingly fragmented coalition making up DAP, PKR and PAS, two of which have diametrically opposed views on Islam and secularism.
  • Dr. Mahathir – our dear ex-Prime Minister and what he is about to maneouvre with Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin Yassin (and his son Mukhriz Mahathir, with his re-entering Umno, since we should never underestimate this man’s wit.
  • DNA and Sodomy – The DNA Bill that will be apparently passed in Parliament soon, heralding the way for obtaining further evidence in the Sodomy trial against Anwar Ibrahim. This has raised questions and issues about sexuality (or rather, homosexuality) in Malaysia, 10 years after the first case against the man.
  • The Economy – of course whilst the politicians party away, the goodies are slowly running out. Stocks are at an all-time low, investments are being pulled out by the billions, foreigners are warned not to enter our markets – sighest of sighs

This is the mania that is Malaysia. Many of us are either sickened by the cathartic period we are going through, although it is necessary when any wound implodes – the crap comes out first before healing – or extremely excited at the prospects of changes about to take place. Whichever the case, everything is at an extremely politically pumped pace this week.

This is the mania that is Malaysia, one that I have grown frighteningly fond of. Perhaps this is where some thrive – in an environment of chaos, liquid, fluid mess, a mass of twistedness – from which emerge a sliver of beauty, balance and hope. This fragile slice of peace we need seek ourselves, and many a time elusive. But I choose to continue because I am here. Nothing can take away my choice, my firm decision to claim Malaysia wholly as mine.

I will fight for the nation because I am its citizen and it is mine – mania and mess included.

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