September 13, 2008

MCA’s response, the Star coverage and my response

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The Star covered MCA’s response here:

State MCA deputy chief Lau Chiek Tuan condemned Tan’s detention under the ISA, noting that MCA, together with the Chinese community, is upset with the move.

The entire article highlights MCA’s response to only Tan’s arrest (the Sin Chew reporter who has since been released). I hope that the MCA did not merely highlight Tan’s arrest, since RPK and Teresa are the other detainees under the ISA as well. Perhaps they thought it was treading on sensitive ground.

Whatever the case, I have cautioned over and over again that this must not be allowed to descend into precisely what we fear – a Chinese-Malay thing. All groups regardless of race or religion must emerge to stand for justice. Belief in principles must transcend any one community or group.

Two very very strong principles must stand clear:

  1. Do not allow the politicisation of race and religion. Chinese: do not react since this will play to the game.
  2. Do not allow any provocations to instigate violence. Any show of solidarity and support must be done in peace and goodwill. Emphasis must be on “non-violence”, “non-threatening”. Again, do not react.

Anything done outside of the above two principles will legitimise worse action. Please take heed, and tell your friends this.

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