September 14, 2008

Syed Hamid’s Jokes

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Home Affairs Minister made several jokes at the press conference yesterday, which can be viewed in the video here. These jokes are shared with me by a reporter friend who was present, and I agree fully:

  1. That the arrest of Tan Hoon Cheng under the ISA was for her own protection and safety.
  2. That he (Syed Hamid) had nothing to do with the arrests. He was only duly informed by the police, but the police had authority to make the arrests independently.
  3. That even he could be detained under the ISA should the police find fault with him.
  4. That Ahmad Ismail has been punished enough, under the party itself – sufficient.

If it was for her own protection, why not just get the police to give her a protection order? And since when in the history of Malaysia has the ISA been used to protect individuals?

 Utusan Malaysia reported on the release of Tan Hoon Cheng,

“Apa yang penting, dia dibebaskan tidak sampai sehari setelah polis berpuas hati dengan siasatan,” katanya.

Saying that the important thing is that she has been released less than a day after she was originally arrested. I totally disagree. That she was actually arrested at all under the ISA is cause for concern. This is a blatant bullying tactic, and one that cannot be stood for under any circumstance.

 Jokes aside, we must be exercise utmost vigilance in reading the statements given to us officially now.

In the meantim, PM and DPM have denied any knowledge of the ISA arrests of Tan Hoon Cheng and Teresa Kok. There should be a contest for the biggest jokes in town.

The biggest one right now for me is when Syed Hamid said, “We have always considered freedom as sacrosanct in this country.” To laugh or to cry?

Neither. And instead, to stand in solidarity against this draconian use of the ISA.



  1. why said,

    ‘Tindakan ISA wajar’
    What kind of headline is that?

    Anyway thanks for the links to the utusan site! What are the other Malay papers saying?

  2. Fendy said,

    He just confirmed what we all suspected all the while…

    ISA is being used for United Malays National Organisations and only for United Malays National Organisations.

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