September 15, 2008

Petitioning against the ISA

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is one way to make your views known on the ISA.

Other ways:

  1. Wear black till ISA detainees are released. (I will be doing this)
  2. Wear a black or red ribbon.
  3. Put on car lights in the daytime.
  4. At 12pm, observe 2 minutes of silence wherever you are.
  5. Fast and pray – what our Muslim friends and some of us are already doing.
  6. Civic disobedience measures – some talk of a replay of hartal (abandoning businesses and shops on Malaysia Day 16th September); some talk of withdrawing cash from a bank till the bank owners are forced to appeal to government decision makers.

Some are alive for such a time as this. I am one of them.



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  2. Amy said,

    Arthur and I have drawn great comfort in reading your blog this past weekend. It pains us to be so far away from home at such a time as this, and we struggle to discern the truth of what is happening amidst the dissonant and clamoring voices that we have access to through the internet. But you have written multiple posts that ring with reason and hope, and we stand in solidarity with you and our country, albeit mostly in the spirit.

  3. why said,

    Put on car lights in the daytime??

  4. egalitaria said,

    Amy n Arthur, glad to be of service and i hope that you continue keeping in touch with what is happening back home 🙂 Take care!

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