September 18, 2008

True or False: Teresa Kok’s ISA Arrest

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My latest article in The Nut Graph, which can be viewed in full by clicking here:

True or false
17 Sep 08 : 9.00AM

By Tricia YeohAMID the barrage of political news surrounding the average Malaysian, it is easy to miss the forest for the trees. We are thrown with news feeds by the hour, and e-mails and SMSes flow in regularly throughout the day, resulting in a big bagful of information to be made sense of, stuffed with every imaginable conspiracy theory. Under such circumstances, citizens must be watchful in distinguishing fact from fallacy.

Such vigilance is of great urgency, so as to avoid being manipulated into falling into the same old trap of racial and religious politics.

Teresa Kok’s arrest is a perfect case in point where facts are being mysteriously twisted. The plot here seems to be: construct a scene, plant this scene as real and true in the minds of all Muslims, and use this as a reason to instigate fear and insecurity, thereby justifying the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA).

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