September 18, 2008

Vigil for Sheih Kickdefella

Posted in Malaysia, The Cause at 3:54 pm by egalitaria

It is strange that there has not been equal hue and cry about the arrest of Sheih Kickdefella, who was taken in yesterday under the Sedition Act. He is a regular blogger, one of us in a sense. He was arrested because he called for the upside down flying of the Malaysian flag.

Whilst our friends being detained under the ISA are suffering, I’d like to draw attention to Sheih as well, who also works for the Kelantan Government. PAS has condemned his arrest. If this arrest can take place, which other blogger will fall prey?

Here is a way to express yourself. A candlelight vigil is being organised tonight at the CCID building, and here is more information at Nat’s blog. He says:

The CCID is in the government complex behind Bank Negara. It is the same building in which I, RPK, Penarik Beca, Jeff (no word from Jeff on this arrest?), and others were all interrogated.

I’ve been in brief contact with Sheih’s brave wife. The latest: Sheih is being transported from Kota Baru to KL. This morning, the cops obtained a one day remand order, which we suspect will be sought to be extended longer in KL.

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