October 27, 2008

Sites to Track the US Elections

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Red or blue, red or blue. This is the question weighing on people’s minds as they look at the US map. When we can’t make second-guesses based on intuition, we let the experts speak for us. So in researching the US Elections and its numerous issues, I’ve come across some useful sites. Some of these are helpful sites to track the US Elections. I shall put them up as I find them along the way as well. Keep tuned.

  1. US Election Atlas
  2. Al-Jazeera US Elections 2008
  3. BBC US Elections 2008
  4. CNN US Elections 2008
  5. Politico – Politics, Political News, Campaign 2008
  6. FiveThirtyEight.com – Electoral Projections Done Right (where the above map can be found)
  7. America.gov Guide to the Candidates
  8. Gallup Poll 2008 Presidential Coverage (I will be visiting their International HQ and discussing election trends with their chief. This will be interesting.)

Okay, happy surfing around!

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