October 29, 2008

Economic Boost may help McCain?

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With the economy cited as one of the main issues in the US Election ’08, political pundits are trying to project the effect of the recent stock market rebound.

Wall Street shook off more signs of global economic troubles Tuesday and headed for a rebound while investors awaited the Federal Reserve’s next move on interest rates. Dow Jones industrial average futures rose 368, or 4.59 percent, to 8,379.

The most recent polls show a slight tightening of the race between Obama and McCain. Can this be attributed to the recent McCain attacks of Obama being socialist? (a taboo word in capitalist America)

Gallup experts told us today that the worse the economy is doing, the better it is for Obama. With such an inverse relationship, does this spell a turn for the worse for the Democratic candidate? It is traditionally the case though, that a few days before polling the race tightens. Watch the Editor-in-Chief of Gallup, Dr. Frank Newport, state his case here.


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