October 30, 2008

From DC to Denver, Colorado

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Moving away from Washington DC, I’ll be going down to the ground tomorrow onwards. I’m looking forward to seeing Denver, Colorado for the first time. This will involve meeting with those organising voter canvassing, state level campaign strategists, youth groups, the league of women voters, and hopefully go to a political rally.

Here is a profile of the Colorado state, one of the battleground states:

Mr. Bush won this state by less than 5 points in 2004 and Democrats are making a big push here this time. Look no further than Denver, where the Democrats held their national convention. It seems to be paying off: Polls show Mr. Obama taking a lead here and Republicans are growing increasingly glum about holding the state.

All polls show that Obama will likely win, but things may shift slightly over the final days. The Latin American vote will be important in this state.



  1. Eagle said,

    The beauty of American politics is domestically they will hit each other without fear or favor. Even the president is not spared. But when come to foreign policy, all American will stay united behind their president. That is their political maturity.
    Don’t forget to see the good, the bad and the ugly as each and every state has different character.

  2. LV said,

    Testing, why am I not able to get comments in?

    McCain ’08!
    Hillary ’12!

  3. egalitaria said,

    You should be able to. Please try again – there are no restrictions for comments on this blog, with the exception of foul language that I will edit. Thanks.

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