October 30, 2008

Fun Ways to Predict: Obama vs. McCain

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Aside from the pollsters, statistical models and pure guesswork-cum-analysis, here are two fun ways to determine which US Presidential candidate will win this year’s Elections, it is said.

First Method

For 72 out of 76 years, the victory or the defeat of the Washington Redskins has predicted who would win or lose the Presidential race. If the Redskins loses or ties with its opponent, the incumbent party loses. If the Redskins wins, then the incumbent party also wins. This result corresponded with 17 out of the last 18 elections. The game is on, on Monday night, the very night before the Election Day, so all eyes will be on the lookout.

Second Method

The 7-Eleven Poll, it is called, where outlets all across the country are selling large cups of coffee in either Red or Blue colours. They are trying to see how many Reds (representing the Republican McCain) or Blues (representing the Democrat Obama) they can sell over the counter, and use that as a predictive tool. I have to go out to buy my very own 7-Eleven cup (of course I would skew the poll since I am not actually an eligible voter..)



  1. siewkhim said,

    What a useless piece of x.

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  2. kan_yan_kin said,

    hahahaha u r X…
    i find it kinda funny though…mayb u r rite
    i’ll b flying to US to buy the blue one

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  3. egalitaria said,

    comments are edited so there is no unnecessary foul language, thanks.

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