November 5, 2008

Obama Wins! Democrats in Tulsa

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Jubilation at the Democratic Party Watch in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after Barack Obama is officially announced as the 44th Elected President of the United States of America 2008.

Democrats in Tulsa Celebrate

Democrats in Tulsa Celebrate


Minority in Republican Oklahoma

Unadulterated Joy. Democrats: Minority in Republican Oklahoma

The Republican and Democratic Party Watch environments were completely different. Republicans had suits on, women with pearl necklaces, whilst Democrats had people of all sorts – green hair, playing with balloons.

Obama’s unprecented win, 2008 🙂 More to come..



  1. CWI said,

    The US Presidential election campaign has opened a new chapter for US imperialism. The overwhelming opposition to the policies of the Bush regime and the onset of a deep and serious recession has seen a mass demand for ‘change’. Massive enthusiasm and high expectations have been aroused, especially among young people and Afro-Americans in the Democratic candidate, Barak Obama. The enthusiasm and hopes of what his presidency will mean goes beyond the USA. In poll after poll in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, Obama is by far the favoured candidate. While the outcome of the election to the Congress and scale of the Democrat majority, especially in the House of Representatives, will be important factors in determining what Obama actually does in some spheres of US intervention, one thing is clear: Obama is coming to power in an entirely different world situation than when Bush and the neo-cons took power in 2000. The question of US foreign policy in the post-Bush era is being posed sharply.


  2. Sivin Kit said,

    Thanks Tricia for your excellent on the ground coverage!

  3. […] Obama Wins! Democrats in Tulsa […]

  4. bangsa Cina Malaysia said,

    Quick sent more malaysians to USA and hopefully
    one day a malaysian will become the next
    President OF the USA. or a Senator or a Governor of Hawaii
    or Defense Secretary or Post Master General or
    Vice President or talk show host or Captain of USS Enterprise
    or the next American Idol or lead singer of a rock band or
    the richest man or ………………..

  5. gregorychang said,

    i can’t believe i’m tearing.

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