March 3, 2009

Dialogue between Selangor and the Orang Asli

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The weekend was a busy one, and one of the mini-Everests we achieved was having an inaugural dialogue session between the Selangor Menteri Besar and the Orang Asli community in Selangor. I personally found it incredibly rewarding to be present at this historic occasion. 

The Orang Asli themselves were extremely excited, since it was the very first time ever they would be having an official dialogue with the Selangor State Government represented by the Menteri Besar. They were mainly Temuan, but other communities also showed up from far and wide. All in all there were about more than 500 Orang Asli seated in the hall, in Bukit Lanjan. 

It was quite a beautiful sight, having all of them with their “lilitan” on their hands (a woven headpiece). 

They presented a brief history and background of the Orang Asli to the MB and the other officials present, and then some speeches and thereafter a question and answer session. 

The main demands of Orang Asli are on land rights. They have been extremely frustrated over the fact that their rights to land have not been sufficiently recognised. There is much contention over this issue right now, and various takes of it. To my mind, Orang Asli land has to be recognised and gazetted – and proper land titles given to them who live atop it. Specific demarcations have to be done, so they are not robbed of these rights in the future when and if some commercial developer comes up to take it away from them. 

One of the commitments is to now expedite the process of dealing with the stalemate of Orang Asli land in Selangor. One of the great things the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak did was to form an Orang Asli Taskforce, headed and led by Orang Asli themselves. They would then deal with these problems and report it to the Exco. This was applauded by many. 

Similarly, I think we will see things moving along in Selangor. The Bernama news report quoted the MB as saying that the existing Selangor Land Task Force would be meeting with the Orang Asli Taskforce soonest possible. Yes, I am looking forward very much to the formation of an OA Land Taskforce for Selangor. 

This would work wonders in terms of moving forward and determine once and for all the problems that have for far too long plagued our very own native community of Selangor. They have lived here for hundreds of years, and imagine their dignity and honour being taken away from them systematically over the last 50 years. Only now is their maruah being returned to them. 

I was deeply moved, listening to the humble pleas of the representatives from 7 districts in Selangor (Hulu Selangor, Kuala Selangor, etc.) – I suppose I’ll be poring over these over the next weeks! 🙂



  1. adriene said,

    I’m very interested in Orang Asli issues and have been ever since I read a book by Colin Nicholas some years ago. Would indeed appreciate it if you could please blog more about OA issues and development.

  2. bennymat7 said,

    Syabas MB Selangor yang berhormat Tan Sri Khalid ….. for helping the ORANG ASLI the True Bumis of Malaysia NOT THE FAKE UMNOBUMIIS .
    Rightly so the Orang Asli have been here Thousand of Years way way before the Malays,Chinese & Indians & Other Immigrants landed in what was then recorded in History books all over the world as ‘Golden Chersonse’ now known as Malaysia.
    Well done Keadilan ….. a party that cares for all the races esp. the Original Bumis of Malaysia.

  3. johj said,

    Finally, something is being done by Selangor state government to help the OA to grant their rights of ownership titles to their own lands. I have been living with the semai/temiar OA Pahang/Kelantan for years and have seen them moving away and away from civilisation due to the rampant logging and oil palm scheme activities that deter them from finding food in their natural habitat. There is no improvement to their livelihood despite Government funds of millions allocated to them anually via the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) through education, health and welfare aids. As civilisation expand into the interior area esp Selangor, where lands are scarce, naturally the OA are being forced to defend their land rights. The formation of the OA land Task Force is a step in the right direction to expedite legal ownership to land titles in order to prevent them from leading nomadic lives. Selangor should lead by example.

  4. Orang Asli from Bukit Lanjan said,

    The 800acres Orang Asli Reserve land of Damansara Perdana was given to a private company by a former MB of Selangor. It is illegal to revoke Malay Reserve land and therefore it must be so for Orang Asli Reserve land. The first thing that should be done is for the Selangor Government to take back this land and preserve it as a forest reserve.

  5. jb said,

    Modern day Robin Hoods, that is BN. Rob from the poor (ancesteral lands) and give it to the rich. This should be reversed

  6. lochosvestu said,


    UMNO = Modern day, PERVERTED, TWISTED VERSIONS of Robin Hoods

    Corrected for you.

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