May 7, 2009

1Malaysia and all Reformist speeches all down the drain

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Sivakumar Dragged out of House

This is Sivakumar being forcefully dragged out of the Speaker’s Seat from the Perak State Assembly House by the Police; before Zambry is put on the seat like a little puppet of BN (not like, but is) and Raja Nazrin begins his speech.
Stories here, here and here.
This is what democracy in Malaysia has been reduced to: brute force.
This week’s incidents clear any residual doubts about whether the 1Malaysia concept would indeed bring a difference. Let me be clear: It will not.
All talk has been effectively negated. Any speech that comes out from here onwards will only reek of rhetoric, which has been the suspicion of many, now confirmed.
Any talk of reform will and should, fall on deaf ears from today on. It is akin to the story of the boy crying wolf. Once bitten, twice shy. It is going to be extremely difficult for the current government to worm their ways out of this one. Everything that emerges from official statements about liberalisation and making necessary changes, all the talk about “the era of ‘Government knows best is over'” will now mean absolutely nothing. Nothing.


  1. Hwa Shi-Hsia said,

    I saw the photo of Sivakumar being dragged out this morning (I’m in the USA) and am really saddened and disgusted by the state of affairs.

    Thank you and all the other analysts and journalists for your hard work in keeping the rest of us updated.

  2. u-en said,

    In many ways the reform project preaches only to the converted; it’s ideas are malformed, if formed at all, and it lacks the intellectual and critical apparatus, (as well as the communicative ability to translate policies into concrete political and community-based action) to achieve the level of popular support necessary for the project’s sustainability and renewal.

    Urban middle-class politicians preach to urban middle-class voters, and yet these voters wield only a proportionate amount of political influence (that is, not very much) in a nation of 22 million of which 60 per cent of households earn RM3,000 or less per month.

    Democratic practice, instututional independence, the rule of law (especially when defective laws are defectively interpreted) mean very little to the bulk of non-urban, non-English speaking, non-Peninsular Malaysians.

  3. Winston said,

    All the talk of reforms by the BN are just cock and bull stories!
    It’s not worth the breath with which it was said.
    In spite of the spin masters who promoted their interests, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through them. In fact, most of the spins are so stupid that they will make things worse for the BN.
    We should all give our votes the PR and show BN the boot!

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