June 8, 2010

Governing Selangor: Policies, Programmes & Facts

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One of the successful projects we did at the Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) in 2008 was an electronic compilation of Policy Factsheets, putting everything one needed to know about the country’s policies into bite-sizes. These became easy reference material for voters to judge for themselves the successes (or failures) of the Government in delivering upon things like Healthcare, Crime Rates, Poverty, Education, the Economy, and so on. Condensed into 2-3 pages, some politicians and campaigners even used them at their various ceramahs. 

At the Selangor Government, one project my team and I worked on was to compile all of Selangor’s policies and programmes accomplished over the past two years into a booklet. This gives a complete overview of ALL the Pakatan Rakyat policies and programmes that we have been working hard on. This covers all the portfolios that the State Executive Council (Exco) is in charge of, namely, the list below: 

You can also download the files available in both Malay and English here.

  1. Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor (People-Based Economy)
  2. Economic Stimulus Package
  3. Transparent and Accountable Government
  4. State Finances
  5. Trade, Industry and Investment
  6. Tourism
  7. Islamic Affairs and Malay Customs
  8. Non-Muslim Affairs
  9. Local Government
  10. Poverty Eradication and Caring Government
  11. Environment
  12. Consumer Affairs and Orang Asli
  13. Land
  14. Gender and Women’s Issues
  15. Youth Issues
  16. Entrepreneurial Development
  17. Science, Technology and Innovation
  18. Holistic Development
  19. Education
  20. Culture
  21. Agriculture
  22. Plantation Workers
  23. Housing
  24. New Villages and Illegal Factories
  25. Healthcare

As you can see, there has been quite a bit of work done to deliver upon all the various portfolios. Sometimes it is just that the Selangor State Government has lacked the communication tools necessary to ensure these policies and programmes’ information is filtered to the ground, to people like you and me! Us netizens deserve a lot of info and trust me, we are working hard at this. 

Again, you can download it from my makeshift google site here.

Share the document far and wide if you can!


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  1. habibrak said,

    Hi Tricia,
    Congrats on producing an concise fact sheet. I will definately read it and will share it with as many possible. However, should I need any further clarification, how do I contact you via email? Could you share your contact email? Thanks.

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