June 20, 2006

Anti Gender Equality

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A friend mailed this to me and I just had to post it in its entirety. Think tongue in cheek. Note of caution:: this is not true, not the views of the author of this post, not written by the owner of this blog (me), and not meant to harm anyone's feelings, as I would do the same ridiculing in good humour my own religion (read: Monty Python). 

First Anti Gender Equality World Conference

12 June 2006

Mak Bedah

Suratkhabar Masakini

Fed-up with the increasing freedom and advancement of rights that have been plaguing the Muslim women lately, a coalition of 42 Muslim NGOs organized the 'Kami Anti Kesetaraan Gender' (We Are Against Gender Equality) women conference. Several international speakers from the Taliban (Afghanistan), Deobandi(India), Lasykar Jihad (Indonesia), Ikhwanul Muslimin (Egypt) and Hamas (Palestine) were invited to share their experience and expertise.

As is the case with most Malaysian ceramahs, devout supporters showed their enthusiastic support. Women chanted slogans of 'Men Power!!' and "Down with Gender Equality!!" and held banners and placards bearing poignant messages such as "Bring Back Discrimination!", “Don’t Confuse Our Minds!". Two women holding hands were also seen with a banner "I love my co-wife" with love signs all over the banner.

Part of the programme was the Debat Perdana between PAS women leader Hajjah Azizah Khatib Mat and Harlina Siraj from JIM. The debate entitled “Bahaya Perkahwinan Misyar” (The Danger of Misyar Marriage) was later changed to ‘Wacana Perkahwinan Misyar” (The Discourse on Misyar Marriage) in response to JIM’s allegation that the title was biased. Some of PAS male members were seen joining Harlina’s supporters in their slogan “Gunakan lah Misyar Tanpa Was-was”.

A man in a “We Want Full Democracy!!” T-Shirt expressed his regret over Azizah’s recalcitrance in going against the Mursyidul Am’s view that allowed misyar marriage. He reminded all PAS supporters that “It is against our tradition to challenge any positions taken by the supreme leader”.

A youth leader of one of the Muslim NGOs based in Kuala Lumpur felt that the conference was timely in view that “the moral decay amongst our elder women is quite alarming. It is shocking for me to see some of the old women in Terengganu (where the conference was held) are scantily dressed in kemban while doing their chores outside their houses. I noticed some of them also engage in ‘budaya lepak’, sitting aimlessly at some benches near the ‘titi’ or at some abandoned ‘pelantar wakaf’. Some of them even smoke!! This clearly shows the negative impacts of Western influence in our country.”

Also spotted were representatives from Muslim Men Against Gender Equality (MEAGE), Muslim Women Against Gender Equality Too (MWAGET) and Muslims Against Terrorism and Gubra (MATG).

April 11, 2006

Pulp Fiction

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Scanning through the Singapore Straits Times on the plane home, I breezed past the header, reading "Fiction 2006" by mistake.

I took a double take, refocused my sleepy eyes and reread the word.

It said "Election 2006".

Perhaps my first reading of it isn't too far from the truth. First impressions don't lie.  

March 18, 2006

Buttered Bread Anti Gravity

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If you drop a buttered piece of bread, it will fall on the floor butter-side down. If a cat is dropped from a high and towering place, it will land on its feet. But what if you attach a buttered piece of bread, butter-side up to a cat’s back and toss them both out the window?

The laws of butterology demand that the butter must hit the ground, and the equally strict laws of feline aerodynamics demand that the cat cannot smash its furry back. If the combined construct were to land, nature would have no way to resolve this paradox. Therefore it simply does not fall.

That’s right, you have discovered the secret of antigravity! A buttered cat will, when released, quickly move to a height where the forces of cat-twisting and butter repulsion are in equilibrium. This equilibrium point can be modified by scraping off some of the butter, providing lift, or removing some of the cat’s limbs, allowing descent.

from Physics Humour. the best sort.

March 15, 2006

Responsible Blogging

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Graveyard Blog: A blog that is dead and left to rot by its irresponsible owner who, due to the busy-ness of her schedule, forsakes all worthy principles of blogging for the (luxury?) of 3 hours of sleep a night.

Blogging is not just a social phenomenon for the fun of it.

It requires some level of commitment. The blogger has a relationship that it initiated with the people who visit the site. Like any other relationship, this needs to be nurtured and contributed to on a regular basis.

But what does one do when time is so short?

One blogs an empty, useless piece on responsible blogging and pretends to bemoan the sorry state of blogs in cyberspace!

February 20, 2006

Caught in the Web

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I admit it. I’m hooked on the Internet. It’s impossible to get anything done without connection to that World Wide Web that offers communication and information, both necessary for work and pleasure. Computers and servers down at the workplace and home have made me frustrated. More importantly, how crucial it has been to facilitating efficient work.

How many of you are caught in the web? If you are, there’s a way out! Check out the Center for Online and Internet Addiction. But while I jest, I understand how this is becoming a real disease of the 21st Century.

Internet addiction is a type of compulsive disorder that can impact individuals, couples, and families.  Based upon clinical research, the disorder can impact those who also suffer from depression, anxiety-related disorders, relationships problems, and other addictive behaviors. To provide assistance for individuals, partners, and parents in crisis, I offer telephone and online counseling so that you can find help no matter where you live. Sessions provide education and intervention for Internet-related issues such as coping with cyberaffairs, pornography addiction, online gaming, eBay addiction, and parenting advice for children caught in the web. Sessions address underlying issues such as relationship problems, anxiety, depression, social phobia, problem drinking, and related health issues leading to addictive online use.